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Pyrite Cubes

Genuine Single Cube Pyrite Specimen from Mina Ampliación A victoria, Navajún, Spain

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A high-quality sample of a single cube crystal from Pyrite Cubes, featuring well-defined terminations and perfect crystal faces with a metallic mirror luster.

It has a cutout on one side, giving the piece a lot of personality.

Details & Specifications

Dimension: 1.6 in x 1. 34 in 

Product Weight: 8 oz

Color: Gold


All cubes are natural, not cut or polished.

The pyrites of Navajún are renowned for their unique and perfect cubic formations. Located in the small village of Navajún in Spain, our mine is the only one in the world known to produce such flawless pyrite cubes. 

These natural marvels attract geologists, collectors, and tourists from around the globe, making the Navajún Pyrites a significant point of interest in both scientific and mineralogical communities.

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