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Pyrite Cubes

Mining Kit | Mine your own Pyrite Cubes | Directly from Mina Ampliación A Victoria, Navajún, Spain.

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Mining Kit REAL | Mine your own Pyrite Cubes | Directly from the Mine in Navajún, Spain

The kit is a way for you to enter the world of mining, you will have the unique experience of mining your own Pyrite Cubes.

Pyrite Cubes were crystallized in the earth around 150 million years ago. Formed from a chemical combination of 1 Iron molecule and 2 Sulphur FeS2. This crystal system is called isometric or cubic, meaning the small molecules from cubes.

The mining kits contain a natural rock taken directly from the mine and are not created. The amount of cubes inside the rock will vary. The photo in the box is for Illustration purposes and the amount of cubes inside every rock will vary in amount and size. Mine is a mix of mystery and surprise. Good luck and have fun!

Weight: around 350 grams


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